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About Me
My name is Paul Galicki, and I am a professional writer living in the Bay Area. As a graduate of The Art Institute of California-San Diego with a degree in advertising, I was taught the fundamentals of marketing, advertising, and graphic design with an emphasis on copywriting. Before moving to the Bay Area from San Diego, I worked as a writer/assistant editor at Health & Beauty Magazine and completed a number of freelance writing and design jobs, including designing a logo for the 2008 IEEE International AP-S Symposium USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting.

For the last two and a half years I was the advertising feature writer at The Daily News (formerly Palo Alto Daily News). I wrote and edited profiles for local business owners and real estate agents, advertorials for numerous special sections, and a daily advertising column called “Absolutely.” As a member of the production department, I also did a significant amount of design and page layout.

In addition to my daily duties at the paper, I was responsible for writing, editing, and designing (with the help of two co-workers) Bay Area Green, a quarterly environmental publication I created. We completed seven issues and worked with environmental activists, nonprofit groups, and green experts throughout the Bay Area.

I am currently looking for a new full-time job that will allow me to utilize my abilities as a writer and editor with a working knowledge of graphic design. With research and access to the proper information, I can write effectively about almost anything in the voice required by each project. Although my specialty is advertising-based writing, I’m capable of writing everything from blog posts and reviews to fiction and essays.

I believe my skills and strong work ethic make me an excellent addition to any creative team or the ideal writer/editor for any project.